IPs students on a project about emotions under a grant from the University of Maryland

Between the 1st and 10th of October we had a pleasure of hosting a unique training on the skills of emotions coding in the social media contexts with the participation of students from the Psychology of Business Science Club, which is mentored by Alicja Keplinger, PhD. Classes were conducted by Ewa Golonka, PhD, a linguist from the University of Maryland in the USA. The training was attended by Agata Bieniek, Anna Kostrzewa, Agata Kuzia, Klaudia Kuźnicka, Małgorzata Perczak, Ewa Pietrek, Rafał Rosiak, Laura Russak, Karolina Tokarek and Marta Urbańska.


Our students were invited to cooperate with the University of Maryland under a grant entitled The Role of Emotions in Information Campaigns, headed by Susannah Paletz, PhD. The project aims to identify emotions that play an important role in spreading information on the Internet. Students are being trained in recognizing and coding emotions found in social media in order to then conduct this type of media coding individually as part of project work. From the position of the Institute of Psychology, all activities are coordinated and consulted by Alicja Keplinger, PhD. The project is implemented in parallel in the USA, Poland and Lithuania. The next phase of this 3-year project will involve coding master narratives.