Projekt no 598330-EPP-1-2018-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP






UWR participation will consist in assisting the BY partners at the development of a methodology for assessing the activities carried out at the beginning and end of the course, to develop & adopt evaluation tools for the learning process, to assess the quality of education on the modernised MSc programme in ICT. Therefore, UWR will lead on WP5 “QA guidelines & procedures for the MSc” & WP6 “Quality of the project progress”. UWR will also contribute to WP2 “Modernisation of the MSc study programme in ICT“ by sharing the experience of using new teaching methods with holistic approach “TCHAT” with the BY colleagues during their training visits & workshops planned in the project. UWR will also be the place where workshops on the internal QA system on the similar MSc programme will be arranged in Year 2 of the project. It will also be the place where International Conference on ICT Management will be held for the first MSc graduates to present the results of their master theses in June 2021 (Part of WP3). UWR will take part in arranging pedagogical workshops in the start of the project & in consulting the BY colleagues in pedagogical reflections. UWR will then share their use of pedagogical approaches & methods in teaching/learning with their BY colleagues during the extensive 14-day internships for 15 staff members from BSUIR (3), PSU (3), GSTU (3), BrSTU (3), & YKSUG (3). UWR will also consult the BY staff during the whole process of pedagogical evolution from the first glimpse via piloting to analysing & mastering pedagogical approaches (didactics). UWR will assist & consult the BY colleagues during their elaboration of the modernised MSc study programme in ICT, at the pilot running of the programme, at the evaluation of the piloted 1st & 2nd years of the MSc, analysis of its quality & conducting follow-ups. The university will host 5 BY MSc students representing each BY partner university & send their own 5 best MSc students to the BY partners (1 to each) to hold international student groups’ real-life problem-solving projects. UWR staff will interact with their BY colleagues during the master theses preparation and presentations of the results at the ICT Management Conference in 2021.

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