Prof. Krzysztof Nawotka


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Educated: University of Wrocław (MA, history, 1983), University of Oxford (visiting graduate student, 1986-1987), The Ohio State University (PhD, classics, 1991)

Employed: The Ohio State University (lecturer, 1991-1993), University of Wrocław (from assistant professor to professor, from 1993 until now)

Notable academic positions

Vice Rector for Research and International, University of Wrocław, 2005-2008

Chair, Department of Ancient History, University of Wrocław, from 2008 until now

Member of Committee on Ancient Culture of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2011-2015

Honorary Research Fellow, University of Liverpool, 2011-2015

Member of the Board of the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission, 2011-2012

Visiting scholar, Brown University, 2014

Member of Academia Europaea, from 2015 until now 

Visiting Professor, Xiamen University, 2018

COST panel member, from 2019 until now

Director, Center for the Study of the Ancient World, UWr

Editorial positions:

Editor-in-chief: Studia Antiquitatis et Medii Aevi Incohantis

Co-editor: Eos. Commentarii Societatis Philologae Polonorum

Member: Wissenschaftlicher Beirat, Classica et Orientalia series, Harrassowitz Verlag

Notable grants:

"Greek city in the Hellenistic and Roman age and territorial powers", NCN Maestro program 2015-2022;

"Aleksander Wielki i Wschód: historia i tradycja" ["Alexander the Great and the East: history and tradition"], NCN Opus program, 2013-2016;

"The Eastern Mediterranean from the 5th c. BC until late antiquity", MPD Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science, 2010-2015. 

Research interest: Greek epigraphy, Alexander the Great and his legend (in principal the Alexander Romance), Greek democracy, history of Miletos and its Pontic colonies

Principal publications:

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